Our Philosophy

Our goal at La Rue Park and Russell Park Child Development Centers is to provide an environment in which children are well cared for and feel happy and secure. To do this we employ well qualified staff and strive to maintain open channels of communication with the families we serve. We offer many diverse activities for our children creating a balanced curriculum.
Our approach to early learning focuses on the development of basic thinking skills. These skills are the source of all physical, social, and emotional development. Research has shown repeatedly that the critical skills necessary for success in all facets of life can be taught. By becoming aware of the skills they have, young children are better able to use them. The four thinking skills that comprise all the key ingredients to thinking are attention, memory, problem solving, and language.
Our program also focuses on building self-esteem and personal awareness, communication skills, social skills, and physical development. Self-awareness and positive self-concept are fostered by the teachers through personal contact, positive communication, freedom of activity, and developing responsibility. Because we know that children who feel good about themselves are happy children, we do everything we can to enhance children’s self-esteem.
“Children learn by doing.” Physical development is a foundation upon which cognitive development is based. Adequate support of the sensory motor stage of development is crucial. Responsive adults provide a significant experience, but the environment and physical activities are structured to maximize development. Children are supported and encouraged in their natural inclination for independent physical activity. We are sure to provide enough outdoor activity time in our daily schedule for children to have the rigorous physical activity they need.
The key to all development is play. All of these skills are developed through play, guided by teachers and parents, and enjoyed by teachers, parents, and children. Our goal is to have families playing together, reading together, learning together, and growing together.






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